GLORY Constitution

Proposed 16th November 2002 (Draft 2)


GLORY was formed to act as an umbrella organisation with the intent to form a more cohesive and structured association representing gay and lesbian sailing crews, clubs and individuals throughout the world.
Through this association, greater communication with and guidance for member groups should result in enhanced recruitment procedures, more consistent regatta formats and provide a liaison with other sporting bodies such as the Federation of Gay Games and International Sailing Federation (ISAF). The governing principals of GLORY are participation, inclusion and personal best.



The association shall be hereinafter be known as the Gay and Lesbian Organisation for Racing and Yachting (GLORY)


1) GLORY, in its current form, was formed in Sydney, Australia on 5th November 2002, at the Drill Hall, Rushcutters Bay at 7pm. GLORY was formed to provide an umbrella organisation capable of providing guidance for the formation and direction of member organisations or prospective members and act as a voice for liaison with other national or international sporting bodies.


2a) To provide and protect the opportunity of individuals who support the bonds of gay and lesbian fellowship to sail in an inclusive environment free from discrimination on the basis of age, sex, creed, ability, or sexual orientation.
2b) To institute and regulate the rules of the constitution.
2c) To promote and recognize the concept of the member organisations/cities as unique operational units within the association structure and will not seek to impose direction and regulations upon these associations except where specifically solicited.
2d) To allow and foster commercial affiliation provided the move is approved by a majority of its member organisations.
2e) To elect Federation of Gay Games (Federation) representatives who will attend Federation meetings; liaise with the Federation and be the voice for GLORY acting under the mandate of the Executive Board; and report the results of Federation meetings and correspondences to GLORY members. The Federation reps will advise Gay Games host cities on rules, regulations, and specifics of running the sailing regatta.
2f) To provide direction and advice to member organisations with respect to the format and operation of GLORY sanctioned regattas.
2g) To act as a group seeking to inform, advertise, publicise and otherwise promote gay sailing worldwide and the formation and existence of crews, teams, and organisations open to gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgendered and gay positive sailors in any manner possible.


3a) Membership of GLORY is open to any individual that complies with the regulations set forth in the constitution and supports the objectives of the association.
3b) The Executive Board must approve prospective member organisations by a majority vote.
3c) Prospective individual members must meet at least one of the following three membership criteria:

  1. participate in a sanctioned GLORY event as a sailor, coach, manager, or official;
  2. be associated as a member in good standing with an approved member organisation; and/or
  3. establish participation in GLORY as an unaffiliated member.
    3d) Prospective individual members must properly submit an application for membership along with appropriate dues and/or fees prior to be granted membership. Initial membership shall be effective contingent upon receipt of subject application and verification that the membership criteria has been met. The duration of the initial membership shall be no less than a year and shall expire in conjunction with the close of GLORY's subsequent annual meeting.
    3e) Existing individual members shall renew their memberships on an annual basis by providing appropriate notification to the Secretary and submitting appropriate dues and/or fees.
    3f) Any member organisation or individual may have their status in the organisation reviewed by the general GLORY membership. As a result of said review, GLORY shall recommend that the subject member(s) have their membership retained, suspended or revoked, forfeiting all previously paid dues based on a majority vote. This matter may be appealed in writing to the executive office within one week after the matter has been decided and the appeal decided upon within one week of receipt of the appeal.
    3g) GLORY shall determine the amount of annual dues that each organisation must pay to remain a member of GLORY.


GLORY will aim to achieve gender parity in the Board Membership and Executive Office positions

4a) The Board of Directors shall consist of at least five (5) and no more than ninety-nine (99) GLORY members.
4b) The Board shall be comprised of the Executive Officers, elected by a majority vote of the general membership to one-year terms, and the Regional Representatives, individually selected by a majority vote by the membership within each geographic region to two-year terms.
4c) Geographical regions shall be established and maintained by the executive office and ratified by the Board, taking into consideration the uniqueness of each member organisation, the number of affiliated GLORY individual members, and the objectives of the association. Prospective members shall indicate their choice of regional affiliation upon their membership application.
4d) The founding geographic regions of GLORY shall be: Australia and New Zealand, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, United States, Canada, Europe (rest of), Asia (at-large). Further regions shall be added based on the number of members and member organisations in that region.
4f) The Regional Representatives shall represent the views of their member organisation(s) at all times and report the results of all GLORY meetings and decisions to their regional members.


5a) President
Is chief spokesperson of GLORY;
Is responsible for calling and presiding over GLORY meetings;
Is the official contact for GLORY;
Provides support for all other executive positions;
Will act as cosigner for all GLORY accounts.

5b) Assistant President
Performs above duties in absence of the president;
Promotes GLORY to prospective member organisation;
Provides support for all other positions.

5c) Treasurer
Acts as one of two signing officers for GLORY bank account;
Keeps an accurate account of revenue/expense and proposed and actual budgets;
Reports to the other members once a year of the current financial status.

5d) Recording Secretary
Keeps a log of all correspondence amongst executive meeting and otherwise all matters pertaining to GLORY discussed by executive members;
Prepares and types for distribution any document as instructed by the executive;
Maintains the official GLORY membership roster and assures that the membership is duly notified of official GLORY business in accordance with the constitution.

5e) Correspondence Secretary
Maintains a current mailing list of GLORY members and keep the membership apprised of GLORY events and activities;
Assures that requests for information receive a timely response.

5f) Mens Representative
Actively seeks and supports new membership by individuals, teams and organisations;
Represents the interests of men at the executive meetings and during any GLORY business.

5g) Womens Representative
Actively seeks and supports new membership by individuals, teams and organisations;
Represents the interests of women at the executive meetings and during any GLORY business.

5h) Federation of Gay Games Representatives (Two)
Attend Federation meetings, correspond with the Federation and be the official voice to the Federation for GLORY as designated by the Executive Committee;
Also will report the results of Federation meetings and relevant matters to GLORY;
Will advise host cities on rules and running of sailing regattas at Federation sanctioned events.



6a) Be available for input into the executive meetings/ discussions in person, or by mail, by phone, by email or by fax at any time with at least one week notice unless notified in advance.
6b) All members of executive must have one vote except where, in the event of a tie, the commissioner has a second and deciding vote.
6c) All members of the executive with access to GLORY funds must be bondable.
6d) All reasonable costs associated with the operations of GLORY must be approved by the executive by a majority vote.
6e) When a member of GLORY is found in dereliction of duty and responsibility, and having been given adequate notice of warning, that member can be removed from office by a majority vote of the executive.
6f) Provide support for other executive members of GLORY.


7a) Nominations shall be made by members in good standing of any member organisation. Appointments, acclamations and elections shall be for one or two year periods concluding with the close of business at the annual meeting.
7b) Nominations for a position can be accepted for a 6 month period up to one week before elections take place. Elected positions not filled or vacant are to be filled by means of appointment by GLORY executive (the appointment will be made no earlier than two weeks following the notice of the vacancy to the general membership of GLORY). Any appointments require a majority approval by the executive, and ratification by the Board of Directors before the vacancy shall be filled.
7c) An elections committee will be chosen by the executive.


8a) The Commissioner (or his/her delegate) shall call and preside over the Annual Meeting.
8b) The proposed date and time of the Annual Meeting shall be announced to the general membership at least three months in advance of the proposed meeting.
8c) For the purposes of the Annual Meeting only, a quorum shall exist if at least 1/3 of eligible Board members are present.
8d) In the event that the Annual Meeting is to be conducted via either teleconference and/or electronic means, at least 50% of eligible Board members must have access to the requisite technology.


9a) Amendments may be proposed by the executive or any member in good standing of the association.
9b) This Constitution can be amended or changed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors at any time, or alternately, by a majority vote of those Board members in attendance at the annual meeting.


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