Registration Closed - only new/addiitonal/replacement crew can register
Registration is online at the Chicago Gay Games Website

There are two parts to the registration fee: A Base Registration fee which applies to all particiapnts and a Sport/Culture Participation Fee which for sailing is $124

Base Registration per participant
Registration Fee Key Dates for Base Registration Fee Increases
· $125 Registration Fee: 1 June - 31 December 2004
· $175 Registration Fee: 1 January - 30 April 2006
· $175 Registration Fee + $20 Late Fee: 1 May - 1 July 2006

How to register
The registration is currently full but you can still register for the waitlist. However, this only accepts individual crew members and not captains. The process for defining how additional entries will be allocated is still being defined. GLORY has confirmed with the organisers that refunds will be given if you don't get an entry (despite what it says on the Chicago Gay Games website).

How to register a team for the waitlist
Since you can't register as a captain on the waitlist you need to register as a crew, but your entire crew should use the same team name so they can be identified:

Complete pages 1-4 of the registration and select Sailing as your sport.

On Page 5 of the registration, enter your Sailing Team Name (e.g. Windy Sisters).

Leave the Sailing Team Captain's Confirmation Code blank.

You can then get the rest of your crew to also register with the same Team Name which will enable registration to identify you as a complete team for the Waitlist.

Hints for GGVII  Registering (updated on 22 July 2004) - which may or may not work:
2.  Go to the ABSOLUTE BOTTOM of the page and click on :  "PROCEED TO REGISTRATION.  The link is :
3. If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser select TOOLS, INTERNET OPTIONS. (Other browsers may vary - lookup history and cookies in Help)
3B. What is a COOKIE ?   A COOKIE is a file generated when you access an internet site that contains information about your PC and any accounts, etc. you might have with that internet site. 
3C.  Why erase all these files ?

Sometimes when you access internet sites and pages for a second, third, etc. time, the system reuses information from the last time you accessed that page, even if you enter new data.  By deleted the cookies, temporary files, and history, there is a better chance of having a clean slate before accessing the site.

1. Try registering again.  If you make a mistake, stop, close registration, go to step 1.

2.  The 3 digit number on the back of your Credit Card (or front AMEX) is critical.  Cards can be declined if the daily limit is surpassed or if the card is not authorized to make charges.
3.  If you are still getting declined, call your bank.  They can see the code and tell you why.

4.  To contact the GGVII Registration support in the USA, call +1 (312) 994-2432.  

4A. To send them an email, click on the CONTACT ME link at the bottom right of each registration page.  Or email :

Billing Issues
5.  My bank also told me that there were several charges for the same amount.  However, I only received ONE confirmation number.  When I stated this, AFFICIENT said this was normal.  They only put through charges that have received a confirmation number - once a day - and that the other charges would not be processed by their system is they did not have a confirmation number. 

6.  AFFICIENT also said that if, by any chance, a charge was made in error, then it would be reimbursed.  I have not check with my bank yet, but will let you know when I do so.
7.  If you send an email, you can copy
Additional Info :
Technical/Payment Support: If you need technical or payment related assistance, such as problems with your credit card payment, concerns about possible duplicate payment, "AVS" errors, or fields where your information doesn't seem to be entered properly but you can't figure out why, you should contact the registration site vendor via the ‘Contact Us’ link at the bottom of every page of registration. If you are no longer on a registration page and still want to ask your question, visit their general support page at where you'll find answers to frequently asked questions as well as a link for emailing specialized questions


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