GG VIII Cologne 2010

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Sailing is now officially one of the sports at the 2010 Gay Games in Cologne, Germany

Many thanks to Christoph Gaspers, GLORY representative,  for finding the venue and host fleet.

Gay Games VIII Regatta 2010 Sailing

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Dates of Event

Monday, 02. August, 2010 – Training (optional)

Tuesday, 03. August, 2010 – 1st Round (3races)

Wednesday, 04. August, 2010 – 2nd Round (3races)

Thursday, 05.August, 2010 – 3rd Round (3races)

Friday, 06. August, 2010 – Finals


Maas Lakes near Roermond, NL
Watersportschool Frissen, Hatenboer 57, 6041 TN Roermond, NL

The Maas Lakes district is a rambling lakeland area situated in the heart of the Limburg province of the Netherlands,
perfect for holiday and recreational activities. The countless lakes are a destination for friends of watersports and nature alike. The Maas Lakes district offers a wide range of possibilities for the modern water and nature lover: modern marinas, surfing and bathing beaches, fantastic fishing spots, and inviting coastal camping grounds.


The Maas Lakes district is located approximately 90 km from the city center of Cologne. Three daily shuttle buses will travel from the city center of Cologne to the Regatta lake in Roermond (approximately 1 hour journey). Those travelling individually by car will find sufficient parking at the venue.

Categories and Divisions of Competition

Two divisions of competition will be offered; an advanced division (for those with competitive Regatta/Sailing experience) and a beginners division (for recreational sailors); the Sailing Organizing Committee reserves the right after the training day, to classify and categorize sailors as they see fit.

The preliminary rounds will consist of three (3) races. The 10 best of each round will move on to the final also consisting of three (3) races.

Valk boats, without spinnakers, will be used for the regatta, each being crewed by a team of three (3).


Each round is limited to 20 competition boats of equal size and performance.
Therefore a registration limit of 60 boats and 180 athletes has been set. In order to keep the competition as international as possible, the organizational committee have set the following registration limits which will remain in effect until 31. December, 2008:

  • 10 teams from GER
  • 10 teams from Europe (excl. GER)
  • 10 teams from North America (USA and CAN)
  • 10 teams from AUS/NZL
  • 10 teams from the rest of the world

Registration will be completed in order of date and time received.

All additional teams will be placed on a waiting list, which will be used as of 01. January, 2009 to fill any remaining open slots. Teams will be placed in the remaining available slots according to date and time registration was received. Nationality
will not play a role once teams have been placed on the waiting list.

At the time of registration, each crew must register their Skipper separately; Skippers must hold a valid sailing license (a valid license includes any Skipper`s license issued by a national sailing authority recognized by the ISAF)or prove they have adequate racing experience; there are no gender or weight limitations for crew members.

Those participating sailors wishing to make use of the shuttle bus service to Roermond, must pay €10,- for each round trip.

Those teams wishing to make use of the optional training day must pay a boat rental fee of €50,- and an additional shuttle bus service fee of €20.-.

Regatta Rules

The Regatta will be raced under the rules of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), and the regulatory actions of the German Sailing Federation (DSV).


20 Valk sailing boats. The Valk is a Dutch national authorized sailing vessel, therefore approved for Regatta use by the ISAF. Life vests will be available for use.

For more information about the Valk, click here


  • Sufficient parking
  • Catering provided by the Dutch Sailing School
  • Restaurants in the harbor
  • Sanitary facilities and changing rooms available in the harbor
  • Regatta infrastructure presently existing at venue
  • Secure storage available

First-Aid / Safety

  • First-aid and water rescue present:
  • a) Dutch water rescue on duty
  • b) rescue boats from the Brachelener Boating Club
  • c) rescue boats from the Sailing Club, North-Rhine Westfalia


Entrance to Regattas is free for all spectators. Those spectators not arriving by car, may make use of the shuttle bus service for a fee of €20,- round trip. The Regattas can be seen from all sides of the lake. Depending on the number of visitors, spectator boats may be arranged. The availability and cost of these boats will be made public closer to race day.

The Boats
Valk boats, without spinnakers, will be used in racing, each being crewed by a team of three.

  • The Valk has been used for EuroGay Cup
    and is an ISAF registered class
  • The PolyValk is a polyurethane derivative
    of the original wooden boat used for the rental market but doesn’t have
    a spinnaker.
  • Open cockpit design with Gaf rig and
    mast hinged at the foredeck (to get under low bridges on canals of course!)
  • Hard chine
  • Virtually flat bottom
  • Roller-reef jib
  • Slab-reef main



Overall : L6.65 x W2 M

Draft: 0.85 M

Weight : 600 kg

Weight of Keel: 150 kg

High of mast: 6.50 M

High including gaff: 8 M

Mainsail: 12 m2

Foresail: 5.50 m2







  • Gaff rig (may need to create loop in
    halyard rope for 2:1 ratio to increase gaff tension)
  • No tell-tales (take your own &
    stick them on)
  • May not have toe-straps (use jibsheet
    & shroud for hiking)
  • Can be roll-tacked (but you can’t
    go outside shrouds except when hiking)
  • Take shackle key for rigging repair
  • Adjust jib block position for wind strength
  • Get your weight forward especially in
    light winds

Deck Layout

  • Completely open with no thwarts
  • toe straps may be fitted