Register your crew now!

Many “teams” are registered, but not enough actual registered participants to fill those teams. (A team consists of four individuals: one skipper plus three crew).

The Local Sailing Committee needs to determine which registered individuals are part of a team, or whether skippers still need to build a team.

Attention All Skippers:
1. Please fill your crews and have them register with your team ASAP.
2. If you have not done so, please generate a team code and provide that to your team members so that they can update their information.
(See instructions below for details on updating your registration.)

Attention All Crew:
Some crew members (people without a skipper) have signed up with a team name. Technically, this is not correct. If you are without a team and are looking to get on one, you should not have a team name. Please update your registration by removing the team name.

If you have received a Team Code from your skipper, please update your registration by adding the team code.
(See instructions below for details on updating your registration.)

We are asking everyone’s cooperation in cleaning up the registration list so that we are not compelled to do it ourselves. If you have any questions, contact us through or the GLORY website:, or the GLORY Facebook page:


To update your registration:

Go to

Access your account through the navigation bar on the left.

-Click “Create User Account” or “Login” (if you already have created an account).

-Click on PARTICIPANT MANAGER in left navigation bar and click on “ENTER AN EVENT.”

If prompted to supply a team code:
1. Click on your event: “Competitive” or “Recreational”
2. Under the Registration Category table, check the box for your category and click “next”.

If you are on a team, obtain your team code from the skipper and enter into box.
If you are NOT on a team or do not know your team code, click on “Next.” If you need help finding a team, use the GG9 Crew Finder.

If you have not generated a team code, click on the link to create a team code.

1. Click on “Sailing” and complete the appropriate information.
2. Enter your team name. You now will be given a team code to share with your crew so they can register or update their registration.
3. Click on “Send Team Information” to finish the process. (You will be able to preview information before sending.)

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