December 18, 2012
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Welcome to GLORY

GLORY – The Gay  & Lesbian Organisation for Racing and Yachting, exists to provide a voice for gays and lesbians in the sport of sailing and to encourage and assist individual sailors, clubs and teams.

November 30, 2017
by pwhite
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Gay Games 10, Paris 2018 Sailing Update

The Notice of Race (NOR) for the Sailing Regatta is available here.

The regatta takes place from 6-8 August* 2018 at Le Havre on the West coast of France – about 2 hours from Paris by High Speed train.

53 Participants are now registered. As of 2nd November there are only 9 slots available for participants in the Competitive division.

* = A reserve day has been set aside on 9th August in case of bad weather for sailing.

More information and registration here

May 24, 2014
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Forum Cleanup

A huge number of spammers had managed to work their way around the anti-scammer login in the forum – now deleted along with their posts.

If you see any more spam postings, please send a message to

November 21, 2013
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Register your crew now!

Many “teams” are registered, but not enough actual registered participants to fill those teams. (A team consists of four individuals: one skipper plus three crew).

The Local Sailing Committee needs to determine which registered individuals are part of a team, or whether skippers still need to build a team.

Attention All Skippers:
1. Please fill your crews and have them register with your team ASAP.
2. If you have not done so, please generate a team code and provide that to your team members so that they can update their information.
(See instructions below for details on updating your registration.)

Attention All Crew:
Some crew members (people without a skipper) have signed up with a team name. Technically, this is not correct. If you are without a team and are looking to get on one, you should not have a team name. Please update your registration by removing the team name.

If you have received a Team Code from your skipper, please update your registration by adding the team code.
(See instructions below for details on updating your registration.)

We are asking everyone’s cooperation in cleaning up the registration list so that we are not compelled to do it ourselves. If you have any questions, contact us through or the GLORY website:, or the GLORY Facebook page:


To update your registration:

Go to

Access your account through the navigation bar on the left.

-Click “Create User Account” or “Login” (if you already have created an account).

-Click on PARTICIPANT MANAGER in left navigation bar and click on “ENTER AN EVENT.”

If prompted to supply a team code:
1. Click on your event: “Competitive” or “Recreational”
2. Under the Registration Category table, check the box for your category and click “next”.

If you are on a team, obtain your team code from the skipper and enter into box.
If you are NOT on a team or do not know your team code, click on “Next.” If you need help finding a team, use the GG9 Crew Finder.

If you have not generated a team code, click on the link to create a team code.

1. Click on “Sailing” and complete the appropriate information.
2. Enter your team name. You now will be given a team code to share with your crew so they can register or update their registration.
3. Click on “Send Team Information” to finish the process. (You will be able to preview information before sending.)

November 21, 2013
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A message from Tartan Yachts

A change is taking place regarding the vessels being used during the sailing events at the 2014 Gay Games presented by the Cleveland Foundation. Tartan Yachts, the presenting sponsor of the sailing, is committed to the 2014 Gay Games mission and we have been working hard to gain sponsorships for the 20 new boats that were to be used for the event. After trying dozens of different solutions, and with no sponsorships forthcoming, Tartan Yachts, in conjunction with the Local Sailing Committee, has decided to make a change to the bots being used during the 2014 Games.

Lightning Dinghy

Tartan is proud to announce that 8 Tartan Tens for the recreational class, and 12 Lightnings for the competitive class have been acquired. We are very excited to have the support of such great local sailors to help us still make this event a success.

In addition, Tartan Yachts has further committed to remain the presenting sponsor for sailing and is a bronze sponsor of the 2014 Gay Games. We at Tartan Yachts are fully involved with the Local Sailing Committee in all planning and running of the event and are using our contacts in the sailing industry to secure additional sponsors. We are so excited to be able to continue to help with this very special event. We hope you are getting excited too. Your friends here at Tartan Yachts can’t wait to see you at the 2014 Gay Games.

Tartan 10 Yacht

November 21, 2013
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Gay Games 9 Register Now to Save

If you have not yet registered to participate in sailing, please do so as soon as possible and save. Event-specific fees increase 8 January 2014 (sailing will increase $20.)

Register before 1 December 2014 and use the code: SAILNOW to save $30 on general registration. Visit

July 1, 2013
by Cheslow
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Sailing Email Blast from GG9 (May)

If you have not heard, the 2014 Gay Games presented by the Cleveland Foundation and Tartan Yachts have signed a first-ever agreement in the history of the Games.
Tartan Yachts will BUILD 20 new single-design sailboats specifically for the 2014 Gay Games to set sail on Lake Erie between 9-16 August 2014. This 26-foot boat is described as quick off the line and and should make the racing exciting whether Competitive (spin) or Recreational (non-spin).

Sailing Finds a Home
If that wasn’t enough, Edgewater Yacht Club has stepped up and will be our host for the week. Edgewater Yacht Club is on Lake Erie adjacent to the 117-acre Cleveland Lakefront State Park and is only 5 minutes from the city’s most popular points of interest.
Facilities include formal dining, indoor and outdoor bar, patio, pool, tiki bar and a water front picnic pavilion. Restrooms and showers are available at the pool and inside the clubhouse 24 hours a day.
EYC’s harbor provides fast and easy access to the lake as well as to Cleveland’s Inner Harbor, waterfront dining and entertainment centers.
The club’s location provides a unique and spectacular view of downtown Cleveland and the Gold Coast of Lakewood (said to be the largest gay community per capita in the United States)!
The club’s diverse group of members and the pleasant atmosphere contribute to it’s reputation as “ the friendliest club on the lake.” We could not have asked for a better venue for this regatta!
Edgewater Yacht Club has organized and hosted numerous local, national and world championship regattas and has an outstanding reputation for running flawless on and off the water activities, not to mention some of the best post race parties.
Regattas the club has previously hosted include Tartan 10 North Americans, Highlander Nationals, J/22 and J/24 North Americans, US Sailing’s Adams Cup, and of course Cleveland Race Week, a 10 day event which attracts hundreds of boats from across the Great Lakes. Cleveland Race Week encompasses 10 days of racing, music, parties and special events for over 2,500 men, women and junior sailors.

Registration is Open
Spaces are limited. Register today at to ensure your place in Gay Games sailing history. General registration must be completed before you register for a specific event. An overview with the sailing schedule and registration details can be found here.
Get your team together and sign up! If you don’t have a team or have a partial team, you can still sign up. There is a FAQ on the GLORY website: You can leave a message and a GLORY representative will follow up.
Start getting excited! Sailing is where it’s at, at the 2014 Gay Games and is looking like the best event ever!

On Your Mark … Get Set … Games
Special Edition: SAILING
May 2013

June 18, 2013
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Sailing Fitness Training

For those who don’t sail, sailing always has an image of unfit people drinking their way around the course before returning to the bar to drink some more. Fortunately there are now some resources to help you sail fitter.

Performance Penguin is a website with individual training programs depending on the type of sailing you do. A book is in development.

Sail Fitter is a website and book by Michael Blackburn, Australian Olympic Laser sailor.